Through a window shattered (need someone to play multi characters.)

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Through a window shattered (need someone to play multi characters.) Empty Through a window shattered (need someone to play multi characters.)

Post  Denton on Sat Aug 27, 2011 8:31 pm

(This sounds cliched, but it gets really wacky, and the plot will get deep and accelarate very quickly if it goes as planned. If you've ever seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show, you have an idea of what I wanna do with this.)

Note: I don't have paragraph minimums, but
a) be descriptive.
b) give me something to work with.

I used to imagine that as long as I continually resolved the conflict that presented itself directly ahead of me, I could find peace for those who deserve it. The more we fight, the more I find that the situation is out of my hands. But I can't give up, I have to put an end to this.

Two cloaked figures stand on the edge of a cliff overlooking the canyon. The Arcana-rail could be heard rumbling down the track nearly two miles away. The two of them looked to each other for support before the op started.

The two are soldiers in the resistance against the Minket Empire. The Empire had gained control of the continent of Lekran during the last magi-war several years ago. But conspiracy theorists have been going wild with theories about the war ever since. The numbers just didn't add up. The kingdom not-to-be-named had the upper hand during the entire campaign, but only 2 of the major battles were won, each over two cities that now harbor resistances such as the one our heroes belong to. What's worse, the King had been telling his citizens that the war was certain victory until he abruptly informed the entire army to lay down their arms and surrender.

Recently, the Empire had been spending way more than it used to and dead bodies with the Imperial insignia burned into the forehead litter the alleyways. A dark storm is brewing, and the rose-colored window that most of the Imperial citizens have been watching the world through is about to be shattered.

(Magic is more of an energy source in this world Those with magical abilities are more in tune with those sources of the energy.)

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